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Can a software be used to detect mobile phone use? Yes, and I wrote one.

It is a Driver Mobile Phone Distraction software (DMPD) which uses contours, gestures or outlines to recognize phone distraction.   

Programming Language - C++ 

Potential area of Application - Distracted Driving / Traffic enforcement

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Here's a simple and somewhat constrained program that can be used to replace the green background of an image. In this case my subject is Vincent Kompany.. :D

IDE - Visual Studio

Programming Lanuage - C++

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I couldn't help but notice the numerous 'Spot the difference' games on the internet so I decided to write a software that could spot differences between two pictures so you don't have to do it yourself. I tested the program with some sample images and it was spot on everytime.. Have a look at the results.

Programming Language - C++

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I'm very excited about this weekend because I've always wanted to attend a Formula 1 race. It's the 50th Grand Prix at the legendary Silverstone circuit - It couldn't be better.. #SuperExcited

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Hey guys, here's a rough workflow of how to create an environment scene like this. It's a fairly straight forward one I did with the help of a few tutorials. Hope you like it.

3D Software - Maya 

Rendering machine - Alienware 17 Laptop

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Here's a program I wrote to restore a scribbled picture. I did the scribbling by myself (top-left) and my task was to write a software that could restore the image back to it's original state. Have a look....

Programming Language : C++

IDE : Visual Studio

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I got a bit bored and decided to be proactive with my time. I gave myself a 'minion challenge' and this is what my final render render looked like.

Modelling - Autodesk Maya

Rendering - MentalRay

Post-Production - Photoshop

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